Pet ‘n Nanny Closing After 17 Years

For 17 years, Pet ‘n Nanny LLC has provided premium, tailored pet care services for pets in the Triangle and Wake Forest, so it saddens us that our tenure comes to an end.

Many of you know that this has been a difficult year of loss for our family. The loss combined with the extreme empathic stress for the loss of pets we care for, then compacted by compassion fatigue along the way, has most definitely been a catalyst for our difficult decision.

The pet care industry ranks just underneath the police and fire service as the highest levels of depression and burnout. With all the precautions we have in place to prevent such instances, there is only so much the heart and body can take. After 17 years of taking care of others, it is time to take care of our own health.

We thank you for your loyalty, your business, and for allowing us into the lives of your pets over these years. Whether you are a longtime client from the beginning, or a newer client, please know that we have provided your pet the very best care, love, and attention that we could give, and appreciate the opportunity.

Shannon & Gerry Arner